How to become a Strange Diamond model

How to become a model : You have to buy at least one of our products (any type).

Yes, it's that easy!

In the end of each month we will pick one winner randomly using, everybody would be equal. The process of selected Winner will be posted on our Instagram story. 

We don't give any benefits to our friends/relatives, also you would not be able to buy a guaranteed spot to be selected.

If you WIN, what is it gonna give you?

  • Our offer will give you a chance to be promoted on our page
  • 50% DISCOUNT on your next order
  • Thousands of people will look at your picture and follow your profile
  • In the future you can be¬†selected¬†again, if you buy more products from us.

If Winner doesn't reply to us, we are going to choose different person, by using again.

Requirements to be eligible:

  • Buy at least one of our products
  • Follow our Instagram page:¬†
  • Shoot us a message on Instagram or email ( with your order number to increase your chance to WIN

 After the Winner is selected:

  • We will email (or dm on Instagram) our Winner at the end of each month.
  • You will be asked to take pictures in the merchandise that you have purchased. We will select the best ones, post them on our Instagram page and TAG you.¬†

Good Luck!